Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions I may be able to answer for you.

Q: Can I do updates to my site myself?

A: If you choose the second option, and purchase your own hosting and domain name, you will be able to make your own updates. However I would suggest at least looking at some tutorials on you tube before attempting your own updates as it is not always as simple as people think, and if I subsequently have to go into the site for you to 'put things right' it may take longer than the original updates would have done.

If I host your site for you, then only I can go into it to do the updates, as I am not prepared to give my log in details out to other users.

Q: Can my site be removed without my permission?

A: Your site will only be removed if you either ask me to remove it - or if you do not maintain your hosting and domain name payments.


Q: How often can I update my site.?

A: You can have updates to your site as frequently and as many as you like, but as I charge £15 per hour - or part there of, it will work out more economical for you if you get a few updates together to have done at one time, as most small updates or changes take less than an hour to do.