the key to a good web site is planning.

Please use the following guide to work out how you would like your web site to look.

Page heading

do you have a graphic or photograph that you would like to head the page. Would you like me to design a banner for you, if so do you have any idea of how you would like this to look. This would normally contain the name of the site.


How do you want people to navigate your site. Do you want the menu at the top of the page below the banner, or in a column to the left or right of the page, would you like text for the menu or buttons or small pictures?  


You may need more pages than you think. It is better to have more pages, individually titled, than to have a lot of content, with different subjects all on one page.  The pages will load quicker, and visitors may become bored, and leave your site, if they have to scroll down the page for ages to find the bit they are looking for. Keeping it simple is often best. Do you want to have the first page of the site as your introduction or would you like the first page to be like a ‘cover’ where visitors click to enter the site.   


How many columns would you like: - Would you like one centered column (like this site) or several columns. Possibly a main column with a narrower column to one side for latest news etc.? If you want a different layout for different pages this will involve my making additional templates, and incur a small additional charge. 


What kind of background would you like? Plain, textured, or a graphic?  Remember that if the background is too bright or fussy it could be tiring on visitors eyes. You can have a different background for each section of the site, or the same one throughout, the choice is yours.   


Do you have a particular font you would like, and what colour text would you like? Remember the text needs to contrast well with the background for ease of reading.  


How would you like your contact details displayed. Remember, whatever details you put on your contact page can be seen by anyone viewing your site. I personally prefer a contact form, to keep details hidden, it can help prevent spam, or marketing calls if your details are not available for the world to see.   

Additional features

 What additional features would you like ? E.g. Photo gallery, contact form, search box, etc. (there is a small charge for additional features) Pictures contained within a page do not incur an extra charge.    

When you have some idea of what you would like, contact me via my contact form with as much information as you can and I will get back to you with a preliminary quote.  

Please download my 'Checklist' here to help you when planning your site - it contains the information you will need to supply for me to proceed.